Ali's Senior Session
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Monday, August 20, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Ali is so smart and wonderful, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know her. She is active at her school, participating in cheerleading and the National Honor Society, and loves learning new things in history and english class. “I want incoming freshman to know that they do not need to be scared coming into high school. I would encourage them to keep an open mind, and find a great friend group that you can trust, and people who will support you”, she explains, “Some of my favorite memories from school are from hanging out with new friends from cheer and my classes. I have learned to work hard, and that my hard work will pay off in the end”. During her free days, she enjoys relaxing at home, or spending time with her friends. “I think my best personality trait is my empathy, because it helps me relate to people. I also have found that it helps me bond with other people”, she adds, “I really look up to people like my Aunt Doris, who has battled cancer and illness. she never complains and always has a positive outlook. I hope I am remembered as a kind person; a person who anyone could talk to”.

There are clearly so many things to love about this girl, and her mom is just as lovely! They were both amazing to meet and work with, and I loved what her mom added: “Where would I start? She is kind and always roots for the underdog. She is also very creative, and wise beyond her years. I hope she knows to stay true to herself, never give up, and to always hold her head high and never forget her prayers!” Ali’s future plans include continuing on to college in Virginia or Tennessee, and I have no doubt she will be successful in her endeavors. Our time doing her senior session was filled with smiles and lots of fun memories, and I am so grateful that she and her family chose me to share in their journey. 



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