Benefits of our Senior Team
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Monday, January 28, 2019
By Twelfth+Grace
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In our last post, I shared why joining our senior team is so important, but today, I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of why you’ll truly benefit from the program! It’s about more than just taking pretty photos, it’s really about creating memories and putting yourself out there to build new friendships and moments in your life. I believe that the friendships built during the time on my team can really last forever if they are nurtured and taken care of (many of the members stay friends long after their senior year, which speaks to the amazing opportunity that it is). It’s so awesome to see teens find things in common, even though they may attend different schools or come from different backgrounds. 


It’s also not just about referrals. My senior team members don’t work for free prints and products, (they do earn thank you gifts as a result of referring their friends) and it’s not a requirement of the program. I really want you to focus on involvement without feeling like you have a giant to-do list of tasks. Instead, we focus on giving back to our local community through back to school supply drives, gathering donations for food pantries, and toys for tots. We also provide help and resources for things like your college applications, professional headshots, and letters of recommendation. Our members really benefit from these real-world benefits that are not part of other senior programs!


You’ll also be part of a styled team shoot, with a specific theme in mind. This is such a highlight for many team members, who receive digital files from the session. It’s a chance to have some fun, and bond with the other people on the team. You’ll receive tons of photos in addition to your senior session, and you’ll be part of exciting collaborations as well. Last but not least, we offer an exclusive scholarship application to ONLY the members of the senior team. It’s something that is so important to me, and it’s one of my favorite things to offer the Twelfth+Grace scholarship which can be used towards tuition or college expenses. Our team is all about building confidence in young men and women, and helping them succeed long after senior year!

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