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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
By Twelfth and Grace
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Meet Rachel…she’s the sweetest young lady, and her happy place is the beach! By the water, she feels peaceful and joyful. It was the perfect spot for her retro-inspired session, and she came up with the theme “born to beach”! We met up on a hot Saturday morning at a local Northern Virginia beach, and had a great time together. Rachel was her very own stylist, and planned out each outfit you see below…I liked the daisy romper and her hot pink headband! She really put a lot of time and detail into planning this shoot out, and I loved hearing what inspired her. We added a few accessories from the Twelfth + Grace ‘closet’, and her look was complete!


It’s always my goal to give each senior the opportunity to share what makes them special or unique. Whether that is their favorite location (like Rachel), or incorporating their favorite sport or hobby, I want them to feel someone took the time to listen and understand their desires. Lots of senior photographs impress their own vision and style onto seniors, in order to keep their look cohesive. While I certainly have my own photographic style, I believe every client deserves to be heard and acknowledged, and I try to the best of my abilities to bring their dreams to life! I also know there are some young people who don’t know what they want in their shoot, and have a less-clear vision…it’s in these instances that I’m also happy to impart my knowledge and experience to guide them.


I’d love to hear from you if you are considering booking your senior shoot!

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