Client Feature: Erika, Class of 2018
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Monday, May 28, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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"Every individual has the tools, potential, and reach to build a better world.
That makes this the best time to be alive. The world-class education you’ve you opportunities that few people have.
You are uniquely qualified, and therefore uniquely responsible, to build a better way forward.
That won’t be easy. It will require great courage.
But that courage will not only help you live your life to the fullest, it will empower you to transform the lives of others."
-Tim Cook to the Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 is sure shaping up to be something special. I love meeting every member of this exciting group who comes to me for portraits, and Erika was one of the brightest and best. She is graduating in the next month, and her family is abundantly proud of her hard work and moreover, her beautiful spirit. She has been part of the student government association, and the National Honor Society at her high school, and is very passionate about science (her favorite class). "Intelligent, awkward, and funny" are the words that she would describe herself with, and I would add "sweet" to that list. Erika says her mom is her biggest inspiration, and that her hard work for the family has given her a strong determination. "I'd say to incoming freshman to take as many advanced classes as you can", she explained, "These classes really help in the future. I learned a lot about time management in high school, and also hope that my classmates remember me as someone who made them laugh". 

After graduation, Erika plans to attend VCU honors college, and major in biology, with a minor in business. Eventually, she plans to head down the pre-med route. Her mom chimed in as well, adding, "I really love Erika's beauty, and her personality. I hope that when she leaves for college, she will remember how much I love her and all the things I have taught her. I will sure miss talking to her and seeing her every day, but she has such a big heart, and cares about others." I definitely understood all of these sentiments when I met her for our senior shoot together, and I feel honored to be able to celebrate with her. If you are hoping to schedule senior photos of your own, it's never too early (yes, even the Class of 2019), because senior photographers book up very quickly, even a year in advance. You can contact me HERE!



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