Debonair Senior Guy Experience: Jackson
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Saturday, September 09, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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What sounds better? A boring, one-size-fits-all senior shoot where you are in uncomfortable poses and with backdrops that remind you of school photos, OR an amazing, fun, and model-like experience doing senior photos that aren't like anyone else's? I'll let you guess which one I offer, and it's definitely not the first option! Yes, even my guy sessions are fun, and this one was no exception. Jackson participate in a shoot as part of the Push Conference, which happened in July. It was an awesome opportunity to gather with other like-minded creatives and really work on improving and incorporating new techniques into what we do. I am always inspired when I attend conferences like this, and come back with neat poses, inspiration for backdrops and locations, and more!

I believe every guy should have a senior shoot, and although they aren't as prevalent as females among my clients, I wish they were. Your senior year deserves to be memorialized and documented, even if a "photoshoot" isn't really your thing. I use a combination of outdoor and indoor locations, and my studio shots are meant to be like a GQ Magazine cover shoot! My clients are often surprised that they have so much fun doing a shoot, and they actually get excited about outfits and props as the process continues.

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