Displaying Your Photos: To Frame or Not to Frame?
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Wednesday, February 06, 2019
By Twelfth+Grace
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There are so many options these days, framing an images can feel “old fashioned”, but I want to share a few reasons why frames are anything but passé. One thing you might be concerned about is how to choose the right frame for your space or location…it can feel overwhelming to decide the finish or the style, but that is why I am here every step of the way; to help clients from their initial consult to the moment when I get to hand over their finished items. I know your time and energy are precious commodities, so I believe in maximizing both. Here are four reasons why framing your portraits is a beautiful idea:


  • Frames protect your art: Frames prevent things like fingerprints, spills (yes, it happens), and sunlight from damaging your gorgeous images. Our wall art features glare-resistant acrylic, which diffuses light. It offers superior UV protection, which means you can hang it in any room of your house without worry!


  • You’ll receive personalized service: I personally help you go through the process of choosing the perfect frame to match the style of the image and the style of your home or chosen location. You can even bring in snapshots or Smart Phone photos of the room you want to display your image in to help guide the decision. 


  • We have a wide variety of products: Whether you want a modern, sleek look with our slim or gallery style frames (perfect in a minimalist styled home or office), or a modern and eclectic look, we feature multiple styles, colors, and finishes which ensures you will find the right look and never have to settle for something cheap or mass produced. 


  • It makes your image stand out the way it deserves: Although we believe our images should be stunning enough to stand alone, framing one gives it the attention it truly deserves! It also makes a single image into a true focal point, and even the hallmark of a room or space. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the way to do so!


Framing can feel like a maze of decisions: sizes, types, and style. Please know you can reach out to us anytime to have your questions answered!


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