Displaying Your Senior Images at Your Party
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Monday, May 07, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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One of the best parts of having your senior photos done is sharing them with friends and family. Of course, the big day of your senior session is something to celebrate in itself, but getting to show them off is definitely near the top of the list. There is no better place for all of your loved ones to see your amazing images than at your graduation party, but how do you do that without looking tacky or attention-seeking? We have some tactful, easy ways to make your images the star of the show at your upcoming event:

-Display a large fine art portrait on a standing art easel: You can purchase these easily at Michaels or Hobby Lobby stores, or any other craft store. They are perfect next to an entry table, or alongside a guest book or welcome message. It also lets guests know they're at the right party, and who they have in common...you! When an image is on a large scale, it's also a great conversation piece and draws the eye towards it. 

-Display a 10x20 or 12x12 storyboard on a table easel: This is similar, but on a smaller level for those who may not want a large portrait on a standing easel. You can find small, tabletop easels at nearly any craft or home store. Look for a plate stand or something similar if you can't find an inexpensive one (we have even seen a few at stores like the dollar store or outlet stores for $1-$3). 

-Show off a group of framed small prints on a table. You could frame 3 of your favorite senior portraits and mix them in with group photos of friends and family, and baby photos/school photos. This is a nice conversation piece, as well as an affordable way to display your images. Set up a table with these to receive gifts at, or for your guests to look at while they enjoy appetizers or punch. 

-Add a signing board. Signing Boards are a great way to show off your senior portraits! Guests love to sign photo boards. Encourage attendees to add their signature and best wishes creating a timeless treasure! (Make sure there is lots of room around the photo for writing!) At Twelfth+Grace we offer a 5x8 photo mounted on a 16x20 print with lots of white space. You can provide a Sharpie or slim tip pen for guests to add their signatures to. We recommend not leaving these unattended if there are lots of small children at your party, because they can be a bit inviting to scribble on ;) 

No matter what you choose, your images can be part of your decor at your graduation party, and will be a delight to share and see. Even for seniors who may not love photos of themselves everywhere at their party, just a few can make a large visual impact. 

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