Embracing Your Senior Year
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Friday, September 07, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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It's hard to believe, but you're finally here...at the start of your senior year! You have been looking forward to this for years, and now it's really happening. As you look back over the last four years, you might be thinking about the next chapter of your life that is unfolding, instead of living right in this moment. I'd encourage you to think about making the most of your senior year, instead of wishing it to go by faster, because you only get one chance to make these memories. They will be memories that you'll look back on for years to come. Here are a few ways to savor this school year:

Visiting college campuses- Setting up your college visits is a great way to make sure your college home is the right one for you, and it's great to do so early. Starting your college visits and university search early on ensures you have plenty of time to make a decision, get applications in, and choose the one that reflects your passions and goals. The tours and visits also fill up quite fast, and you don't want to be rushed.

Spend more time with friends -- Also, be sure to make new friends too! Treasure the friends you have, and expand your wings to make new ones. You may or may not stay in touch with your besties from high school, so stay open minded and ready to meet new and old friends in all your endeavors. 

Embrace school activities -Join clubs, do sports, and get involved in your community. Staying grounded and involved will keep your head from wandering too far ahead, and help you enjoy the present. 

Spend more time with family- We know you're eager to fly the coop or leave the nest, so to speak, but your parents and siblings are the ones who have loved and known you the longest. They will be cheering you on in your future, and they will want to savor this last year with you, especially if you're heading off to college. 

Be adventurous-Now is not the time to hold back! It's the time to try new things within the safety net of your high school and among people you know. 

Practice basic life skills - Pretty soon you will be nearly self-sufficient, so learning how to handle life on your own is a great start.  Learn some basics; for example, laundry, cooking some basic dishes, and how to handle money and have a budget. Practicing now while you still have parents around to guide you, will help get a handle of some of these basics.


Of course, your most important job this year is to stay focused on what a milestone it is to reach senior year! And, to have a little fun in the process. Value the people around you, and we know you will create lasting memories. 

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