Emily's Senior Shoot Robinson High School
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Wednesday, October 04, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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I feel so grateful I get to meet the wonderful seniors who ask me to be their photographer. I joke that it keeps me young (c'mon, I'm not old yet!), but it also keeps me inspired and thankful that I get to hear their hopes and dreams, and watch them blossom into amazing adults along the way. Yes, I might be just their photographer, but they impact me even in the short time we spend together. Emily is a delightful, mature young woman who is both bright, and kind. She attends Robinson High School in Fairfax, and is looking forward to her graduation date. At her school, she plays Varsity field hockey, and excels in math and science. She has her sights set on college after high school and hopes to study marine biology or chemistry, which should be a great fit for her!

"I'd describe myself as being someone who is easygoing, and who enjoys hanging out with my friends or being outdoors" says Emily, "I hope my high school friends remember me as someone who was a truly good person." Her mom chimed in, adding, "I love many things about my daughter, but especially her grace, strength, and commitment to the people and things that she loves. She has a very loving soul." Emily loves her hometown, especially all the nature trails and many activities, and tries to spend a lot of her time enjoying the great outdoors. She harbors great memories from her years at Robinson, including field hockey games, and all of the precious time she spent with her teammates in what she terms a 'positive and fun atmosphere'. She also enjoys listening to music and reading in her spare time. Thank you, Emily, for your sweet spirit and allowing me to be your senior photographer!


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