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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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What do you think of when fall starts showing its colors? Maybe you start thinking about how cold it’s about to get, pumpkin flavored everything, or maybe your first thought is how the whole fashion world is going to change color with the leaves. I’ll tell you what my first (and last) thought is: I’ve got to take pictures of everything! One of the most special times of the year to use your camera is the fall; the contrast, the color spectrums, and the cool breezes are so inspiring to me. I get so creative in the autumn months, it’s like a creativity overload! Which means it’s the perfect time to book your senior photos with me.
Graduation day is one of those few times in life that you may regret not taking the time to memorialize. They’re like wedding photos, in a way: it’s a big, milestone event in your life, that you can look back on years down the road to see how much you’ve grown. You’ve spent twelve years in school, and believe it or not, those were some of the most formative years of your life! No matter what, those years weren’t wasted, and you’ve worked so hard to get here. It’s important to remember these milestones, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll get to the point where all those memories that exist in your head get fuzzy over time.
Thankfully, it’s a simple process to have your senior portraits done with me. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences in the past, where you didn’t feel comfortable or felt like you were stuck in rigid poses. Maybe you didn’t feel like that photographer really captured who you are. Since I know all about those sorts of experiences, I work extra hard to make you feel at home, and my primary focus in each of my sessions is to take portraits that both you and I can feel proud of! The most important part of each of my shoots is you, and that’s where all of my efforts go. And it’s the fall colors and the autumn spirit that makes it all so much easier! You can mix and match outfits to go along with the leaves on the trees, and throw around all the leaves on the ground to get some motion in the mix. Each season has its own special variety, and fall is one of my favorites. Especially here in Northern Virginia, the way the whole state changes to accommodate time’s onward march is such a gorgeous thing to witness. 
What I’d love to do is experience this season with you, working with you in a session to memorialize the big moments in your life. I get to meet so many wonderful seniors, and it doesn’t take long for open spots to fill up. Each person I get to work with is a unique individual, and I value the diversity, and take it as an opportunity to hone in on capturing the essence of what makes that person who they are. I’d be honored to do the same for you. So, let’s both take advantage of the many beauties of fall and book your session today! Only six spots remain!


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