Fall Style for Senior Guys
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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That familiar chill is in the air, and with it the flood of autumn colors and styles. Everyone’s digging into the back of their closets to find all of their fall-wear, and they’re coming back with outdated fashion. Now, don’t get me wrong, some styles are absolutely timeless. Take flannel, for instance: There’s no way that’s going to disappear when the leaves start turning. But the styles are changing too, and this fall there’s all new and fresh trends waiting for ya!

Case in point, this year hairy sweaters are in. Think mohair: it’s soft, and often times it’s got more fur than what you’d find on your head. They’re great for when the weather starts cooling down, and there’s a bunch of different styles to choose from. Styles like a rainbow striped pattern, or solid, bold colors fit for autumn. Besides mohair, you always have your classic wool sweater, complete with all the same unique patterns you’ve loved in the years past, as timeless as flannel is.

Speaking of flannel, it’s the perfect blend of practical and fashionable for the icy air. It’s made of a warm woven wool, and comes in all sorts of patterns tailored to your own personal look. While flannel is its own thing, it’s also perfect for layering, which is fantastic for transitioning for the weather towards the end of the year. Wear some jeans with your favorite button-up, and finish it off with a pair of your favorite kicks, or boots if you want to go full lumberjack.

Take a look at the picture for a great example of fall fashion worn well. Notice the jeans in the shot: distressed or no, they’re skinny and they’re simple, and you’ll most likely have a pair or two already. Recreate the classic fall look with a long sleeve or a tee underneath a buffalo plaid flannel, paired with some classic denim jeans, and tied off at the end with your Nike’s. This year, skinny and distressed or ripped jeans are all the rage, and you’ll do well wearing them.

The biggest principle to fall fashion, though? Warmth. There’s no reason to catch hypothermia for the sake of looking good, and if you have to choose between the form-fitting, thin long sleeve, or the baggy sweatshirt, choose the sweatshirt. Make your own style, and be the trendsetter we all are looking for.

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