Five Reasons to do College Senior Portraits 
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Monday, February 11, 2019
By Twelfth+Grace
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You may not have heard of college senior portraits, but I believe they are just as important as the ones to celebrate the end of your high school years. The college years are formative. You are faced with new, exciting challenges and accomplishments, and you’ve learned and grown through them. Here are five (of many) reasons why college senior portraits are an excellent idea:


  • You have earned it! Not only have you endured some of the hardest classes in your schooling journey so far, you have made progress towards a degree. We also know that college is an extremely stressful time for many students, and one where you rarely have a moment to practice self-care or a little bit of pampering. A photoshoot is the perfect chance to relax, find your favorite locations, and celebrate the place you’ve called home for the last few years. 


  • You will need a professional photo: By the time you graduate college, you often look much different than your high school portraits. You are older, more mature, and more polished than your high school graduation season, and an updated photo is not just fun, it’s practical. You can use your professional portraits for your LinkedIn profile, your social media sites, dating sites, and even a resume. It’s important to put your best foot forward, and make a strong first impression.


  • They make great gifts: As a college student, your budget is likely fairly limited, but items made with your photos can be an affordable and meaningful gift. You can make custom items for holidays like Fathers Day or Mothers Day, or even Christmas. An album or heirloom prints will be something your friends and family will cherish forever. 


  • You can create invitations and announcements for commencement: Some colleges offer professional invitations, but adding a photo is a nice and personal touch. You can also create your own announcements or send out postcards with your photos on them for a beautiful and lasting reminder that your loved ones can put on their fridge or bookshelves. It’s also a nice way to decorate your graduation party, if you have one, with a few tasteful framed images placed throughout the venue.


  • College portraits are like high school ones: You have changed and grown as a person, and these images will acknowledge this. Celebrating the hard work and obstacles you’ve overcome is something you will never regret doing. It’s also a beautiful way to capture the friendships you have made…your friends in college really become like family, and you can do some photos with these important people in your life, as well. 


These images are of three amazing graduating college seniors from the University of Mary Washington. I loved working with these young people, and was so impressed with their poise and their joy. They had been roommates for most of their college years, and a celebration was in order (they planned the Champagne spray!) for the years they shared. If you’re ready to book your college shoot, please contact us today!

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