Five Things to Know Before Your Senior Session
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Did you know that your senior shoot starts long before the camera starts snapping? Yes, it's true! Your senior experience starts when you first begin dreaming up that big photoshoot day; because it's the culmination of everything you've been hoping for and wanting. I wanted to share some ideas on how to maximize your senior session and make sure it's the epitome of your dreams, whether it's from outfits to location, and everything in between. Here's how to get started, and turn that inspiration into reality:

1. Start creating YOUR vision for YOUR dream session

When I say it's truly YOURS, I mean it. I never push my opinion or view on any senior if they have a certain idea of what they want. It should accurately reflect who you are as a person, and the things you're passionate about. I will, however, support, guide, and help provide ideas based on my experience, and what works best! We will work together to shape your shoot. My welcome packet includes a "Pin It like You Mean It" card, that will help you create a detailed Pinterest board for your shoot. The more you pin, the better.  Pin items like fashion style, hair styles, makeup, poses you love, locations you love, magazine images.  This should be done BEFORE the in-person planning consultation, so I can look over it and offer suggestions or additions!

2. Session Attire

It is never too early to start thinking about your session wardrobe. Your detailed welcome packet has an extensive what to wear guide that not only provides you inspiration based on style type, but also specifics for skin tone and body shape. You should have 8-10 outfits picked out (down to the accessories -- belts, earrings/necklaces/rings, hats; shoes, etc) prior to the day of our in person planning consultation.  During the consultation, we will narrow it down to your top 4-5 outfits, and really hone in on your personal style and inspiration. For the day of your shoot, please make sure your outfits are steamed or ironed well, because the camera is a bit unforgiving when it comes to rumpled, dirty clothes. Try everything on long before the shoot, and make sure you have proper undergarments that don't stick out (like slips or bra straps) or distract. Nude bras and underwear are a great idea, especially under white shirts and dresses. Walk around in front of a full length mirror to make sure you can't see through any sheer pieces of clothing, including in front of a light source, and have a family member check your hemlines, straps, and anything that might need some tailoring beforehand. You want to look your best! Don't forget shoes, because they can dramatically change the length of your dress or pants, and you may need to accommodate for that.  

3.  Craft a music playlist of your favorites!

Music is a powerful force, and a playlist of your favorite songs will be a total game changer! Load up your phone or iPod with your best tunes, and I'll bring along a bluetooth speaker so you can make new memories to your most-played songs. I love music as well, so I'm bound to discover a new artist or song through my clients!

4. Who will be involved on your session day?

This is an important part of your shoot...knowing the people who will be present will put any nerves at ease, and help you feel prepared. Your dream day will start with my amazing stylist and makeup artist Yisell. She's incredibly talented, and I know you'll love her as much as I do. Please bring along your Pinterest board, and outfit photos to help her create your perfect look. A parent or adult guardian is always required for our senior session, and of course, I will be there! I'll meet you at our agreed-upon location once you are picture-perfect in your hair and makeup. If you'd like to bring your significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend or bestie), that's just fine with me. Please notify me ahead of time, and let them know they'll be lending me a hand as my lighting assistant and social media manager for the day!

5. Schedule your session early

Summers are busy months, it's best to schedule your session early. Fall is the most popular time for sessions and dates book up extremely quickly. I have some students contact me as early as the start of their Junior year to secure their spot, so please call today!



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