Hailey Class of 2018 Patriot High School
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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Living here in Northern Virginia, I love scouting for new locations for my clients. The fall colors make it even more gorgeous during this time of year, and when Hailey scheduled her shoot, I was so excited to pick the perfect spots. We ended up meeting in Warrenton, Virginia, which is a beautiful little spot nestled near the east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is known for it's wine and for its landscapes of 'horse country', and it's one of my favorite locales. Hailey attends Patriot High School, where she is an accomplished Varsity cheerleader. She's also part of the YOVASA (which focuses on traffic safety), the Key Club, and the Teachers for Tomorrow program. "I'd describe myself as outgoing, friendly, and happy", says Hailey,  "I am a very responsible person, and would like people to know me as being generous. I really look up to my mom, because she has always gone above and beyond for my brother and I". When Hailey is not busy cheering and with her academic pursuits, she enjoys being with her friends, and being outdoors.

"High school has truly been amazing", she concludes, "My favorite memories stem from being a part of the cheer team, and led me to some of my very best friends. I'd encourage freshman to try their hardest and never slack off!" During our shoot, we even had a few surprises. Hailey has been blessed with a sense of adventure, and she's always willing to be spontaneous. She even hopped on a bicycle and rode down the hill; we even found a random bottle of wedding bubbles and incorporated them into the session. Besides being smart and kind, she also has amazing style; she looked great all dolled up, and totally rocked the boyfriend jeans and messy bun. I loved working with her and especially appreciated her thoughts, "The best part of my photoshoot was definitely finding bubbles to blow, and riding the bicycle! I also got to hang out with the best photographer ever! :)" Her compliments were so generous, and we had a wonderful time.

Congratulations, Hailey!

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