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Saturday, July 15, 2017
By Twelfth and Grace
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“How am I going to choose from all these photos?”


I hear this often, and wanted to introduce you to one of my most-loved products to hand over to my senior clients: The Heirloom Album. My favorite thing is creating a customized experience for every one of my clients, but designing and creating these custom albums is definitely a close second! Each album is individually designed and hand crafted using beautiful materials made to last a lifetime. These are called “heirloom” for a reason, because they hold up for years to come, and can be passed down from generation to generation. These are the albums you’ll pull out at family reunions, and the ones that your children or grandchildren will pore over and maybe giggle at your hair-do or outfits!


Albums are bound in a traditional flush mount style. Images are printed in Fuji Luster finish, in full sheet spreads(better know as pages!) to avoid any loss between pages. Pages are creased and mounted to rigid black or white boards, leaving each page extra thick and durable. You can choose from your favorite 20, 30 or 40 images to feature in your custom heirloom senior album. 20 page Album = 1.25″ spine depth; 30 page Album = 1.75″ spine depth; 40 page Album = 2.25″ spine depth. You can select your album cover image and then custom select the perfect color match with your choice of Linens, Silks, Cloths, Vegan Leathers, and Chromes. The vegan leather styles are beautiful, timeless, and look good with any decor!


The finished products are something truly amazing. They are not only durable and high-quality, they capture who you are at this exciting, changing time in your life. You can choose a few more photos from your session, knowing they can find a home in a gorgeous product like this!

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