How to Prep for your Summer Senior Session! Northern Virginia Senior Photographer
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Saturday, June 17, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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You know the temperatures are climbing here in Northern Virginia, but have you started preparing for the heat? Although you may think otherwise, summer is actually a beautiful time to schedule your senior session! Yes, it is toasty, but it also produces beautiful light and some fun experiences that you can’t get in other seasons. Preparation is key for summer sessions, and today, I’m sharing seven simple ways you can insure your summer portrait session goes off without a hitch!

Dress appropriately. Summer means hot and humid weather, which can lead to sticky bodies. Choose breathable, lightweight fabrics that don't weigh you down, like lightweight cotton sundresses or linen button-downs. Wear deodorant and watch for sweat spots. As for shoes, sweet flats or daring heels are a great option, and bring along flip-flops so you can receive your tired feet after your session.

Think about your hair. If you have curly or voluminous hair that reacts to humidity, opt for a hairstyle that won't leave you feeling insecure. For example, a pretty side braid or an updo is a good choice that won’t fall apart of get too poofy. Or you can wear a cute headband, hat, or use a little extra product to keep frizz at bay (we like the hairdressers oil by Bumble and Bumble for lightweight holding power and shine).

Pack necessities. When packing your photo shoot necessities, I recommend bringing the following items: water bottle, a snack for sustenance (non messy like a granola bar), sunscreen, umbrella for shade, and a handy blanket (but don't worry, I have a photoshoot emergency kit on hand if you forget anything!).

Get creative with session ideas. As I mentioned above, summer offers a host of activities that lend themselves to amazing photo sessions. For example, there's the fair, beach, festivals, and plenty more. I would be more than happy to shoot a really creative session with you...what are you dreaming up?

Think about head-to-toe details. For example, if you are wearing open toed shoes, you want to have manicured feet. I also highly recommend getting your manicures done and brows groomed or wax. These small details can lend themselves to an overall more polished look.

Consider the weather: If it is really breezy, a hat or scarf can keep things under control. Rest assured knowing I won't let you overheat. Sometimes it's hard just to walk outside when it's scorching out, but know that we're going to have an amazing shoot. We will spend a lot of time in the shade, or as us photographers call it, "open shade."

Incorporate props. Outdoor summer shoots are loaded with imagery as is, but we can always incorporate a few props in the mix. Vintage step stools in a field look gorgeous, as do blankets, balloons, and even visually striking treats (lollipops, ice cream, etc.). Props are what can truly help bring out your personality and style.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming shoot, or contact me to book your session!

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