Introducing Youthful Spirit Sessions
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Monday, August 27, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Are you or someone you know a parent of a pre-teen? These tender years can be so formative, and yet they get skipped over by almost all photographers! Sometimes the in-between years are marked with a few school photos here and there, and snapshots with your cell phone. But rarely do teens who aren't yet seniors treated to a photo session that's all about them. This is surprising, because those years are when self-esteem and confidence are really being forged and shaped, and a portrait session is such a beautiful and fun way to do just that. Taking photos of your daughter at this age is a way to boost her feelings about herself, and make her feel great and confident. No matter that sometimes these years are called "the awkward years", you will love embracing them instead and helping her feel BEAUTIFUL!

These shoots are different than a senior session because they are not yet a celebration of "finishing" something, or arriving at the end of a stage like high school. Instead, they celebrate the journey, and the years that it takes to build the path of who are becoming. They are youthful and fun, and customized to your young pre-teen, and have a free-spirited feel to them. Think of them as a way to document the years when your kid is still a kid, and not a full fledged teenager who craves freedom and independence. 

This is where my YOUTHFUL SPIRIT sessions come in! I will soon be adding pre-teen sessions to my collections and offerings, and I'd sure love to talk to you about how they can empower your daughter and set her on the path to a confident high school journey. If you are on my Insiders and VIP list, you will be the FIRST to know about these special new sessions, and how you can schedule one right away. So much can change in the pre-teen years....don't miss out. 


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