Our Favorite Pieces for Summer
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Choosing what you want to wear for your senior photos is definitely a big part of the process! Because of that, we wanted to highlight some popular choices for our senior clients:

For the ladies:

Matching Sets - consider a fun matching set to show off your figure. These are very popular, and have a retro feel to them. If you choose a cropped top and short set (very popular for summer), make sure you purchase the correct size and/or have it tailored so it's long enough to sit down and move around in. These typically are quite short, and that can be an unflattering look while sitting or walking around. It may also not be a classic enough look for photos that will last a lifetime, so try to find something that's not cheap and thin looking. We like this pretty, well-fitted set from Lulus, because it's a two-piece maxi dress, and slightly more formal than a shorts and top outfit. 

Rompers - try a romper with ruffles to add some feminine flair, and again, make sure it fits well from all angles. Ask a friend to help you steam or press it, and have them take a few photos on a cell phone to ensure that you feel confident while moving around in it. If you want something a bit more covered and conservative, you may consider a pants jumpsuit, like this one. If you're going for a more daring look, we also recommend this pretty, soft romper from Nordstrom. It has a wrap detail, and you'd get lots of use out of it by layering with a jean jacket as we ease into the fall. 

Maxi dress - The amazing maxi dress is the most versatile of outfits...it can really do it all! Especially if you can find a solid, classic color that can be dressed up or down. We recommend this navy blue maxi from Lulus which can be dressed up with heels, sparkly jewelry and a formal hairdo, or dressed down with a denim jacket or moto jacket, and sandals. Maxis are also universally flattering, whether you're petite or tall. 

For the guys:

Shorts: Shorts are an obvious choice for a warm weather shoot, but how do you know if they fit? Aim for a cut that hits you right above the kneecap, and a leg opening that isn't snug to your leg. Try to avoid cutoff denim shorts unless you are going for a very casual look, as they are not a very timeless or polished look. Chino shorts in navy, light chambray, or even a dark red all photography nicely, and go with several colors.

Shirts: When it comes to shirts, look for solid colors or muted stripes. Shirts with graphics that are loud, offensive, or too busy will draw attention away from your face. We strongly recommend subtly striped tee shirts in grey, cream, black, or navy, or a polo shirt in a solid color like charcoal or blue. You will look polished without looking too stuffy. If you're wanting a more formal appearance, try a button down shirt in short or long sleeves and a linen or cotton print. Green, navy, or grey always look really nice, but make sure it's freshly steamed or ironed so that you don't have senior photos filled with wrinkles!

Shoes: Shoes can of course, make or break an outfit. For summer outfits, a boat shoe (like Sperry's) can go with just about any item, and give you a laid-back look. If you want something slightly more sporty, Vans in a burgundy or black will be subtle and clean-cut. Flip flops rarely look wonderful in senior photos, so please avoid plastic version that would be better suited for the beach :) 

Some of our favorite retailers for guy's clothing: H&M, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.  Lastly, check out our suggested color palette, below!

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