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Thursday, April 12, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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When it comes to graduation parties, it's not the time to hold back! A graduation party marks the end of a huge season of life for you or your senior, and can be an incredible memory. There are so many great ideas out on the internet, but we have put together some of our favorite tips to planning a party your friends will never forget. 

1) Choose a theme: A theme pulls everything together, and can create a cohesive look. Some fun theme ideas are: c

  • Class Spirit including your high school colors
  • Team Spirit, such as a favorite sport team
  • This Is Your Life with lots of photos from your childhood up though Senior year;
  •  College Theme, using your college colors and props

2) Create a show-stopping entrance: A balloon arch is a sure-fire way to welcome your guests, and it's also an affordable and easy to way craft something yourself. You can add in the colors of your theme, and even tape/string them together yourself. An easy way to blow up all the balloons is with helium, but be sure to anchor them down correctly and construct it indoors so it doesn't blow away! You can also find inexpensive decorations a the local dollar store that you can combine with more pricey elements so save a little bit on your budget.

3) Walk down memory lane: Put up a large screen or tv with a video from your senior portraits (Twelfth+Grace Reveal video!) and/or a compilation of photos through the years for an exciting point of interest. You could also create a special video for your senior, or put one together yourself, with interviews from family and friends. 

4) Ask someone to take photos: Whether you choose a professional or a family friend, photos are the most important aspect of your party, because they will be the memories you're left with after the party ends. Make sure you designate someone beforehand, and make sure they have a great camera/batteries/charger so you don't miss a minute.

5) Set up a words of wisdom jar: Have little slips of paper available with a mason jar and colored pens so that guests can write down advice for the graduate. It is a fun and simple way for adults and teens alike to share their pieces of wisdom! 

6) Have personalized favors: When you have a larger party, costs can quickly get out of hand, but some affordable ways to honor your guests could be: photo bookmarks or extra wallet photos (you can sign the back of each one, or personalized candy favors like m&m's or Hershey's Kisses. Another great idea is to give each guest little personalized goodie bags with your graduation year/name on them, and the guests can fill them up with treats or candy and take it home with them. It also helps you not be stuck with a giant table of sweets after the party! :) 

7) Specify and open house versus a party: When you name your party an “Open House”, it encourages more guests to come because most all of your friends and their families will be party-hopping during the busy summertime. If you have a formal party, it requires an official arrival time which isn’t a bad thing, but it will discourage “drop-ins”. Open Houses work very well for grad parties due to the overwhelming number of parties there are for people to attend!

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