Product Feature: Graduation Announcements
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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When it comes time to send out your graduation announcements, you realize maybe you care more than you thought! Suddenly, those standard ones don't seem quite special enough for this moment in your life; a moment you won't ever get back or relive. Not only that, but you know your friends and relatives might be receiving so many of the same announcements, and you want yours to stand out. That's where we come in: We offer customized graduation announcements that will be the stylish envy of all your friends. 

-We have several new designs for Spring 2018, that range from modern to classic, to suit the style of your senior photos and your wardrobe selections. They can also be customized to match your school colors or a party theme, or even the college you are heading to. Choosing customized designs means they will be both unique and high-quality. 

-We also now offer Luxe labels and seals! These are the perfect finishing touch to your graduation cards. The little extra bit of glam will compliment your senior portraits, and showcase your love of style and pizazz. They will also really stand out in the mailbox during graduation season, and give your cards a polished and finished look. Think of them as being similar to the old-fashioned sealing wax!

-Your order includes social invites! In today's age of social media, you'll want to be able to post your announcements on Instagram, so your card order will have a matching digital invite for you to share with all your followers. It's also one more way for you to show off your personality! 

-Last but not least, we can create matching thank you cards for your graduation. Grad gifts are one of the best parts of graduation, and you'll want to be able to say thank you easily. Having us make your notes will make it simple for you to get your notes out right after your party. We can also create a brand new design if you don't want all of your card types to coordinate. It is also one more way to showcase your beautiful senior photos. 

If you have ideas about what you may want for your grad invites, I'd love to hear them. We can incorporate your inspiration into your designs, and work with you to make sure that yours represent your accomplishments! 



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