Prom: How To Put On A Boutonniere And Corsage
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Monday, April 23, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Did you know that in days past, boutonnieres used to be inserted right into a buttonhole? Unfortunately, these days, there isn't such an easy way to get that fancy floral bunch onto a suit or shirt, so we wanted to give a quick guide to pinning it on. Don't worry if you're reading this and wondering how to get a corsage on easily, because we will cover that too!

1) Take your time: Rushing a boutonniere never helped anyone, and you certainly don't want to stick your date with the long pin! Take a deep breathe and give yourself more than just a few seconds to get it on correctly. Also try to get it pinned on before photos start, or you're crowded with friends and family. If you plan to take portraits to the pinning, make sure it gets pinned on first, then take faux images of you "pinning" it to prevent any slips!Hold the boy

2) Hold the boutonniere in your left hand, and face your date. Place it on the left lapel, about 4-5 inches below the shoulder line. Position the flower, and then use the large stick pin to "sew" through the left side of the flower and fabric. Thread the pin through the flower, and do another "stitch" on the other side. Pull gently on the flower to be sure it's secure. Voila! 

3) To fasten on a corsage, if it is a wrist corsage, simply slip it on the left wrist. If it is a pin corsage, position it below the left shoulder, and repeat the above steps (securing it with a mock "stitch" on both sides to secure it. It helps to secure corsages with an angular pinning, because they are heavier and often larger than boutonnieres. 

4) If you're a visual person, try this tutorial online to give you a better idea of the way the pin or pins can go. 

If you approach the boutonniere and corsage with a good attitude and a sense of humor, it's sure to go smoothly. Most of all, don't be afraid to ask for help from your date or another adult who may know more about getting a secure pinning! 

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