Senior Sports Feature: Cheerleaders
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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It's already that time of year....senior homecoming has come and gone, and senior week is just about over. It is a bittersweet and celebratory time for my seniors, especially those who are involved in sports. Sports and extracurricular activities are something that are often overlooked in the senior experience, but I believe they are integral to the high school years. They often represent hours upon hours of hard work and dedication, as well as an entire team or group of peers that become like family. It would be such a disservice to a teen to not include these memories in their portraits.

I often sports and activity mini sessions to my senior team members just for these reasons. They really help capture the WHOLE person when it comes to graduates, and provide a classy alternative to the regular, run-of-the-mill sports photography that is offered by schools. It can make a great, personalized addition, and usually, parents love these even more than the seniors themselves. As you can see, for these beautiful, energetic girls, cheerleading has been a huge part of their four year education, and I loved getting to capture it.

You can also see how much their spirits are brought to life, and how these are so much more than just stiff, boring poses. I love these sessions, and hope these help show you what a fun opportunity they can be!




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