Summer Teen Experience: Abby
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Abby...there's so much I could say about this darling girl, but I also want to let her images speak for themselves! Abby was a part of our Summer Teen Experience, and she was the epitome of why I started my program for younger teens. She is extremely active in her school, and this season of her life is rich and full! She attends Brentsville High School, where she plays soccer and basketball, and she recently 'went outside her comfort zone' to try out for the cross country team (which she made). She is passionate about athletics, and being excellent in her field (no pun intended!), so she is a strong student as well as a talented athlete. When she's not on the field herself, she is also coaching ice hockey, or teaching the sport at her local ice rink, as well as refereeing soccer. Of course, Abby hoped to highlight all of her sports accomplishments in her portraits, and her mom really gave me creative freedom to try some sports images in a bit of a different style. It is a slight departure from our typical portraits, but I will be offering more of these types of images for those who want them in future sessions! 

"I think my best quality is being a good friend to all, and having a zest for life", explained Abby, "I am very athletic, and I come from an extremely close family. I think of my cousins as my siblings." What I loved most about Abby was her work ethic and confidence. I felt so encouraged when Abby explained that she doesn't feel pressured to dress a certain way or wear makeup. She is truly strong in her own self, and I hope that stays with her forever. This girl is one of many who have expressed interest in our teen program: it is not a modeling program, but instead it builds confidence and community, which can enrich teens' lives for years to come. It also gives them a chance to express their own personalities and passions (like sports) through photos, before their big senior shoot. I'd love to share more about my teen program, or you can check out the blogs we published recently:

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