The Debonair Senior Experience
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Saturday, June 24, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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There are two big misconceptions about senior guys and photography: they usually sound something like  "They are boring sessions" and "Boys don’t want their portraits taken”. I’m here to de-bunk both of these! I think that most senior guys who are graduating actually like the idea of having photos to show off, but they just don’t want to endure an awkward, uncomfortable, or cheesy session where their style or personality won’t shine through. I feel there is no reason that a senior shoot has to be these things...instead, I always get to know my guy clients, and find out what they are truly passionate about, be it their athletic achievements, their cars, or their music or hobbies.


I always tell my senior guys that we will actually have a good time, and that they can be relaxed and yes, even have fun! When it comes to my senior girls, I emphasize the pampering and the model experience, complete with hair and makeup, as well as accessories. Likewise, I want my senior guys to feel that they can head straight to the cover of GQ Magazine! I assist in styling their wardrobes, and have even started bringing in my hair and makeup stylist to assist with any hairstyling/brow grooming, or skin tone correction. Because yes, these things matter to both guys and girls!


Moms are used to having great images of their daughters during their school years because, let’s face it, girls love to get their picture taken! But for a mom to have amazing images of her son…. that is something truly special, and a true gift that both will treasure for years to come. You can scroll down to see some of the guys sessions I’ve been able to shoot recently, and you’ll notice there are plenty of cars, dogs, and sports equipment cheesy poses here!


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