Three Photos You Need To Take On Christmas Morning
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
By Twelfth+Grace
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Christmastime can be such a hectic time of  year, but there is a special sweetness to the Christmas morning rush. I think the key to getting great photographs on such an important day is by preparing and thinking ahead. The week before Christmas, make sure you have your camera prepped and ready and you've located your charger and cords before the frenzy begins! Then, make sure you get these three important shots:

  1. Kids running in to see the gifts: If there's small children in your family, this is always a winner! Once they see the gifts, it always goes fast and furious, so the key is to get snap a picture before the opening! I suggest having little ones (or teens!) sit on a set of stairs, or wait in one room together, and then photograph them all seeing the gifts together! If you have a hallway, start them down one end and wait by the tree to catch their expressions; it's a surefire way to catch the joyous smiles!
  2. The tree: This one seems a bit obvious, I know. But it's easy to forget to snap one of a beautifully decorated tree with gifts underneath before its too late, and your living room is turned into a bit of a sea of wrapping paper and ribbons! Taking tree photos is tricky because of the lights and contrast, so try a few on your phone and your camera to increase your chances of getting one you love.
  3. Grandparents and family groups: I often hear people complain that they didn't snap a photo of the whole family. Usually, moms are in the kitchen or wrapping gifts, and it can be hard to round up everyone, but make sure you do it! I suggest doing a group photo at the beginning of the day, when everyone arrives, so everyone is fresh, clothes are still tidy and without spills for little ones, and its easy to get excited smiles! And, don't forget photos of grandparents. Sadly, elderly family members are sometimes overlooked when it comes to photos, but they are the ones your children and grandchildren will love to have images of in years to come.

Wishing you a lovely holiday season, complete with lots of images to remember it by! Don't forget to turn all of those sweet memories into albums, ornaments, and framed portraits, to enjoy every year!

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