When is the best time to Schedule Senior Sessions
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Sunday, April 01, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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One question that might be on your mind is 'when is the best time to Schedule Senior Sessions?'.  Senior year is probably the busiest out of the four years in high school and fitting everything in to that time might seem overwhelming.   Below are some reasons I put together on why summer is one of the best times to Schedule Senior Sessions in Northern Virginia.

When is the best time to Schedule Senior Sessions?

Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Senior Session in the Summer

Perfect Weather

Did you know that I typically shoot just before sunset or just after sunrise?  Not only is it the most beautiful light of the day but it is also the coolest.  Think about your favorite clothing type.  Are you a sweater and boots kind of gal or sundress and sandals? If you are the latter, then you need to schedule in the summer time!  My goal for my senior clients is to provide you with a wonderful, custom experience and to ensure your portraits reflect who YOU are!


Graduation is a whole year away

You are getting a jump on the crowd and can be a trend setter for your High School!  You will get to enjoy your senior images for the whole year instead of just a couple of months. Believe me and your friends who have gone before you, your Senior year FLIES by! And come springtime you be busy with SOLs, prom, graduation preparations, and those of you on spring sports teams have to juggle practice and sport events on top of that!


Flowers and Colors

There are some gorgeous spring and summer flowers in bloom.  The grass is a beautiful green. Need I say more?  Do you love sunflowers? Let’s talk about a session in July for you!

Daylight Savings Time

We don’t fall back this year until November. Once DST hits, there are fewer precious hours in the day to shoot your session. Weekday shoots become near impossible with the sun going down sooner. This means that my available dates become extremely limited.  Time is on YOUR side NOW.


There is no huge time crunch now, which is the perfect reason to have your Senior Session now! Fall photo sessions are in high demand, so stand out from the crowd and have your Senior Portraits done now instead.

Hey Class of 2019, it's time to start planning your senior portraits.



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