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Thursday, January 24, 2019
By Twelfth+Grace
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Have you ever wanted to be a social media influencer? It seems pretty fun, right? You would be a trendsetter, the person others would look to for fashion, inspiration, and ideas. That’s just one of the ideas behind our senior team…you become an influencer for Twelfth+Grace, spreading the idea of confidence and fun among your friends and peers. I believe we all have a voice and an unique story to tell, and that being part of my senior team will really leverage yours. It will give you a place to utilize the passions and hobbies and opinions that make you, YOU. 


As your photographer, I am always looking for ways to grow, change, and learn to be better. I believe in building up the teens that I work with in the same way, because you will all become members of society soon, and I love playing a part in making you the best you can be. Each year, my senior team is built with hopes of building new friendships, giving back to our community, and encouraging you in your academic, athletic, and life pursuits. Not all of my senior team is off to college or a dream job or a scholarships. They come from all walks of life, which means their life experiences, YOUR life experiences, are valuable. We can all learn from one another and encourage each other in this season of your life which can be stressful and challenging, as well as rewarding. 


One of our recent senior team members, Kyleigh, shared this with me: 

"The Senior Team with Shannon has been such a fun experience!  I originally joined the senior team because of friends that have been a part of it. Shannon's work is amazing and she puts so much effort into make the pictures amazing!  I enjoyed being able to meet new people and get to know them!  I have never really liked being in front of a camera because I get super uncomfortable, but being on the senior team with Shannon has made me way more comfortable. I would 100% recommend the senior team to others, you get so many other opportunities on the team than just your senior photos.  I've had an amazing time with Shannon and everyone else on the team and I am so thankful for the experience!"


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