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Tuesday, January 01, 2019
By Twelfth+Grace
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When the year ends, it can be tempting to hurry right into that brand new season, filled with fresh starts. But, I believe there is value in looking backwards and reviewing the year that is helps us grow, and can benefit us all in different ways. Whether you had a great year, or a really difficult one, reviewing your year can help you see what you truly accomplished (it may be more than you think!), and to set appropriate goals for 2019. I encourage you all to do a few things as we close out December:


-Think of three successful moments you have had this year: Whether they were big or small moments, the successes may be more meaningful than you realize. Maybe it was getting a perfect grade on a project. Maybe you closed a big deal at your workplace, or you conquered an injury or illness. Maybe it was something small: making a new recipe you had been wanting to try, finally wearing the new outfit you had been saving, or simply trying something new. They may seem large or small, but to you, they matter. They are all wins! 


-Reflect on what you wish you had done differently: I think we can all agree that our smartphones and devices take up so much of our time and focus. I always think I could do better to really be present in the moment, and not be thinking about the next email, photoshoot, or thing on my to-do list. Reflecting on things we would have done differently isn't supposed to make us feel guilty. Instead, it's meant to give us inspiration to find ways to do better, with no regrets. 


-Set goals for the new year: What are two or three things you hope to do this year? Maybe it's a promotion, a scholarship, or getting into the college of your dreams. Maybe it's something more personal, like making a new friend, focusing on relationships in your life, or being better with spending money. These can all be areas where you can set and achieve a realistic goal and begin dreaming about how to make it happen. For those large goals, breaking it into smaller steps can make it feel more plausible. For example, if I wanted to be better with money, maybe I could start with cutting back on drive-thru coffee, or my daily lunch out! 


2017 was a very difficult year for me personally. I felt very burnt out, and as a result, I didn't take the time I should have to review the year and set healthy goals for 2018. It had a true impact on my year, and I was determined to change that! But, as hard as it was, I gained something very valuable: time for self-care! I have always been someone who has loved working out and eating healthy, but I fell out the habit and hadn't made it a priority in my life. I picked a brand new workout plan, and dedicated myself to making healthy choices again! I lost twenty pounds, and gained back some true self-confidence. I also made a true priority of my husband and puppy and spent quality time with them of the best decisions ever. I will be spending the last week of 2018 reflecting on the good, the hard, and the downright ugly, and heading right into 2019 refreshed and ready to bring you some amazing things!


Thank you for sharing your lives with me, and following my journey!

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