Youthful Spirit Reveal Party
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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As you have been hearing, we are introducing a brand new program that focuses on our tween audience. It is something I am very passionate about, because those tween years are so formative, and giving girls a strong self-esteem and a reason to celebrate is so exciting. This September, I had the opportunity to photograph four of these young ladies, and we decided it would be awesome to give them all a group reveal of their images! Their four families gathered with us too, and the moms made a truly impressive spread of hors d'oeuvres, and I picked up the most delicious cupcakes from my favorite bakery (find them HERE)...It's not a party without dessert! Together, we watched a beautiful slideshow of their images that were set to music, and I really loved having all the families and the tweens together, cheering each other on! There were plenty of ooh's and aah's as the show played. Another one of my favorite parts of these sessions are the custom art pieces that we create as well. The Inspiration album and the Inspiration Box are two crowd pleasers; I combine the quotes from family, friends, teachers, and coaches with the images to create a special luxury album that will be treasured for years! 

As I prepped for the reveal, I was putting together some of the inspiration pieces and sorting through the questionnaires. Some of the incredible comments from the people in these girls' lives really brought tears to my eyes as I read the heartfelt words. My hope is that every piece of custom inspiration art that I curate and put together gives the tween such an unshakeable feeling of confidence and love as they head into their high school years; that is the best gift imaginable. I have mentioned here before that often the tween years are overlooked when it comes to professional portraits, something that I find so sad! That's why I am making it my personal mission to help bring those tween years to life with beautiful, heirloom images and products that will enhance self-esteem for every girl I work with. I always hope each young lady sees their true beauty, and their worth. 


For more information about our special teen program, you can reach out to me HERE!

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