Youthful Spirit Session: Carleigh
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Carleigh embodies everything I wanted my teen program to be about. She is bright, kind, and lovely, and so incredibly talented! Carleigh is passionate about dance, and her hobby has extended to the competitive level. She spends most of her weekends hanging out with her many friends, or at dance competitions. One of her favorite memories has been going to the King’s Dominion halloween haunt, which is an amusement park type attraction that has rides and a super-scary maze (I’m not sure I could make it through!). She also loves traveling with her family, and says her favorite vacation would include going to the beach with her loved ones, and spending any free time she can with them! Her family is very important to her, and they had so many lovely things to say about her, I had a hard time narrowing down their beautiful comments! “My daughter Carleigh is funny, caring, and sensitive”, explains her mom, “She loves dance, and has passion and commitment to the sport. I love that she still wants to hang out with us, and that she is so compassionate towards others. She also is always making others laugh!” Mom adds that her daughter has truly changed her life through her sensitivity and laughter. 


“I would love to free time”, explains mom, “There is such an innocence about the tween years. They are stuck between wanting to grow up, and also wanting to still be a kid! I love seeing both sides of that. I hope she knows my piece of advice would be to never be afraid to follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy and never give up!” Her grandmother also piped in with, “Carleigh truly works hard to be successful in all she does. She is compassionate, punctual, and loving. Se is also very loyal to everyone! I would never change her personality, her beautiful smile, or her sensitivity towards others, and I hope she always keeps the drive to reach for the stars”. 



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