Youthful Spirit Session: Morgan
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
By Twelfth+Grace
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Morgan is a joy to everyone around her. If you wonder if that’s really true, all you have to do is meet her family. They practically beamed when I asked them about their sweet girl, and it’s no wonder why; Morgan is kind, delightful, and ready for success. Even though she is in her “tween” years, she is already wise beyond her years, and has accomplished many important goals at such a young age. “Morgan is full of energy and has the best heart of anyone I know. She can make anyone laugh, and doesn’t ever take herself too seriously”, says mom, “She really has the ability to make people smile”. Another really important aspect of Morgan’s life is her competitive cheer experience; she loves performing and has true star quality! “Morgan’s true personality shines when she is cheering, and people come up to us constantly after her performances to compliment her enthusiasm” adds her mom, “I really just enjoy life much more when Morgan is in it. When I am stressed at work, she can always tell, and is concerned and gives me a hug.” 


One thing this sweet tween cannot live without is her friends and family. The extended family shares a very close bond, and they celebrate all the holidays and vacation times together. Morgan’s dad shared how much motivation has played a role in her life, “She stays very organized and maintains a strict schedule. This has helped her meet her goals, including getting good grades in school and keeping up conditioning deadlines from her cheer coaches. When she wants to achieve something, she won’t ever stop until she does! Morgan has changed my life personally by making me who I am. Her deeply caring personality and joyful spirit makes me want to be the best father I can!” Both of her parents shared wishes for their daughter to grow up and do what she loves, as well as building a wonderful life and future.


I think you can see why these tween sessions are so important to me. They can build up confidence and love for a lifetime!



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