It's a big question that many parents and seniors ask me.
Why spend the money?
Why spend the time and energy working with a professional photographer planning a senior session?
Why add in something else that can be a huge stressor during an already-hectic time?


YOU, That's why. 

Because your senior year only happens once.

Our senior session plans are built around the idea that it can truly be unforgettable, and that a session is the one time where you can step back and take a breathe in the hustle and bustle that is your junior or senior year. It's your moment to shine, to celebrate your accomplishments, and look back on all you have done. We have structured our sessions to keep things super simple: either the Elegance or Debonair sessions, and we can answer any questions you may have!


Elegance Senior Session for the girls

Our elegance session is a customized photo session just for you! It includes professional hair and makeup styling, a session premiere, and of course, consultations to help you prepare your wardrobe. Best of all, I will personally be helping guide you through the process, from the moment you book with me, until I hand over your amazing products!


Debonair Senior Session for the guys

We know guys want different things out of their senior shoot, and they will have the option for production styling (skin tone correction hairstyling), as well as receiving the same perks as the ladies. Guys, you are welcome to discuss any other things you want to include, such as your varsity jacket, musical instruments, or other props you feel passionate about! Yes, a senior session can be fun, exciting, and memorable!